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Moskito Competition pants Moskito Plus HWKP Competition pants Moskito Plus
Judohose für Wettkämpfe und Liga mit Schnürbund und verstärkten Knien. Optimal als Zweithose nicht nur für den "Moskito Plus" Judoanzug. Knie...
From €35.00 *
Moskito Judo Uchi-Komi grip trainer TG-154 Judo Uchi-Komi grip trainer
Train Uchi-Komis and pulling exercises at home or in the gym with the Moskito Pull Trainer made of sturdy Judo fabric. Adjust your training to your needs and strengthen your grip with this 930g/m2 cotton Judo suit material, perfect for competition and Randori preparation.
€35.90 *
Moskito Grip - Trainer Deluxe TG-152 Grip - Trainer Deluxe
Improve your grip strength and forearm muscles with the Griff-Trainer Deluxe from Moskito. Made from sturdy Judo fabric with Judo reverse and 100% cotton, measuring 55 x 25 cm.
€55.90 *
Moskito Grip strength trainer TG-153 Grip strength trainer
The Moskito Grip Trainer is an ideal training tool for Judo and Ju-Jutsu athletes to strengthen their grip and forearm muscles. Made of durable Judo fabric and 100% cotton, it perfectly imitates the opponent's sleeve and improves wrist, thumb, finger, and holding strength.
€65.30 *
Moskito Judo climbing rope TG-150-165 Judo climbing rope
Improve your grip strength and forearm muscles with the Judo climbing rope by Moskito. Made from durable Judo fabric (950 g/m2) and equipped with sturdy attachment rings. Available in 4 lengths from 1.65m to 5m.
From €69.90 *
Moskito Judo gi Moskito Junior AMJ Judo gi Moskito Junior
The Moskito Junior Judo suit from Dax is the ideal Judogi for teenagers and beginners in Judo. This affordable and well-crafted suit is approved for national tournaments and the Bundesliga and can be worn both for training and competition.
From €80.00 *
Moskito Judo gi Moskito Plus AMOU Judo gi Moskito Plus
The Moskito Plus Judo suit from Dax is the perfect choice for fighters who are looking for a well-crafted, heavy suit for national tournaments and the Bundesliga. The suit is made of solid material and offers the highest level of comfort.
From €114.00 *