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DAX-Sport Break Tester Firecracker Board FCB Break Tester Firecracker Board
Here you can find our Firecracker breaking boards, which are ideal for children. The firecracker creates a great effect that motivates children. These breaking boards are made of lightweight balsa wood and include built-in firecrackers. They are designed for one-time use only.
€2.50 *
DAX-Sport Taekwondo - jacket pendant GE-006 Taekwondo - jacket pendant
This high-quality keychain is the perfect accessory for any Taekwondo enthusiast! The keychain is designed in the shape of a Taekwondo jacket and...
€4.00 *
DAX-Sport KARATE Doll jacket pendant GE-040 KARATE Doll jacket pendant
ca. 10 cm aus Karatestoff gefertigt
€4.90 *
DAX-Sport Mouthguard standard FMU-030 Mouthguard standard
Protect your teeth during MMA, boxing, and other combat sports with our specially designed upper jaw mouthguard made of durable soft rubber. The mouthguard provides reliable protection and comes with a hygiene box. Available in several colors.
€5.50 *
DAX-Sport Boxing bandages BDR-003 Boxing bandages
Discover our elastic boxing hand wraps with hook and loop closure and thumb loop, offering superior wrist protection and stability. With a width of 5 cm and a length of 3.5 m, they perfectly contour to your hand shape, providing a secure and comfortable fit.
€6.90 *
DAX-Sport Lamb plush toy GE-150 Lamb plush toy
Our keychain in the shape of a plush lamb is made of soft and cuddly material and has a size of 14 cm. Whether as a gift for children or as a cute accessory for yourself, with our plush lamb keychain, you're always well-equipped. Order now and bring a smile to your face!
€7.00 *
DAX-Sport Knife - rubber WA-005 Knife - rubber
Improve your knife defense techniques with our high-quality rubber knife for martial arts training. Flexible and easy to handle, it is the ideal training tool for realistic knife defense exercises in various martial arts. Order now and train safely and effectively!
€8.00 *
DAX-Sport Insertion weights for skipping rope Champ TGS-015 Insertion weights for skipping rope Champ
Our Springseil Champ Insert Weights are easy to insert into the rope and perfect for intensifying your training. Each set includes two weights with a weight of 200 grams each made of durable steel. Designed to fit perfectly with our Springseil Champ. Order now!
€8.50 *
DAX-Sport Tanto standard, dark wood WAH-031 Tanto standard, dark wood
Train your knife techniques safely and effectively with our Tanto-standard wooden training knife. Measuring approximately 30 cm in length, this high-quality tool looks and feels like a real knife, but is completely safe to use in training. Made from durable and lightweight wood, it can withstand heavy use without breaking or splintering. Perfect for martial arts practitioners of all levels who want to take their training to the next level.
€9.00 *
DAX-Sport Tanto premium - light wood WAH-030 Tanto premium - light wood
aus dunklem Holz
€9.00 *
DAX-Sport Inner gloves FSW-001 Inner gloves
Here you can find our inner gloves with elastic waistband. The inner gloves are ideal for sports with boxing gloves and can replace boxing wraps
€9.50 *
DAX-Sport Kubotan WA-025 Kubotan
Unser Kubotan ist ein hochwertiges Selbstverteidigungswerkzeug aus Aluminium. Mit einer Länge von 14 cm und einer geriffelten Textur für einen besseren Griff ist er leicht zu tragen und zu verwenden. Holen Sie sich noch heute Ihren Kubotan und fühlen Sie sich sicherer in allen Situationen. Verfügbar in der Farbe Schwarz.
€9.50 *
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